The Different Forklift Mast Types Simplex Mast (V Mast) Also known as a “single-stage” mast, a simplex is known for its limited lifting height and lack of free lifting capabilities. It’s typically used for outdoor projects or lifting objects onto a truck. Duplex Mast (Full Free Lift, FFL, Hi-Lo, FV Mast) Also known as a “two-stage” mast, a duplex does come with the free lift capabilities that a simplex mast lacks. The visibility provided by a duplex is one of the biggest reasons it is so widely used, particularly in trailers. This mast type is also great for cross-docking, stacking, and double-stacking products. Triplex Mast (Triple, TSU, FSV Mast) Also known as a “three-stage” mast, a triplex is optimized for loading and unloading products at higher elevations than the previous two-mast types. Triplex masts are also known for their ability to extend things forward, which is why they are frequently used with reach trucks. Because of these attributes, triplex masts ar